What spider is this?

Asked August 16, 2016, 4:35 PM EDT

There have been two I've seen in my house in the past week. This was a smaller one. Am I infested? What spider is it?

Outside United States

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Our U.S. Cooperative Extension System experts need more information to attempt to answer your question. What country are you writing from, and what's the climate? Thank you!

England, and it's 23 degrees

The spider in your photo is the giant house spider or greater European house spider, scientific name: Eratigena atrica, in the family Agelenidae. This is a common species in the UK, but is also found throughout much of Europe and has also been introduced into the Pacific Northwest region of the US and Canada. The family Agelenidae are referred to as funnel web spiders, because their web is typically funnel-shaped, with the narrow end of the funnel extending backward into some kind of hiding place like a crack or crevice. This spider normally lives outdoors, but can also be found living inside homes, particularly in basements and cellars. Your spider is a male, and during the late summer and fall, the male spiders leave their webs and go searching for females. These are the ones you usually find running around indoors. These spiders are not aggressive, seldom bite and are considered harmless or at least not poisonous. I have included some links below to webpages with more information about these types of spiders. Do not be concerned about the title of the article in the Express as you are not being "invaded by rampaging spiders", but there is some good information there about why you are finding these spiders in your home.