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Asked August 16, 2016, 1:43 PM EDT

1. How soon after bush-hogging can I spray Roundup? 2. How soon after bush-hogging clover can I spray Butyrac 200 (weed control)? 3. How soon after bush-hogging clover can I spray Clethodim (grass control)? 4. Can I combine Butyrac 200 & Clethodim, and spray them at the same time? If not, how long do I need to wait, after spraying one of them, before I can spray the other? 5. If I can spray B & C together, can I use a spray adjuvant?

Henry County Tennessee

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Control of unwanted plants (weeds) is best achieved using a planned approach. Annuals are cheapest and easiest to control when they are small (typically less than 3 inches). Perennials should be sprayed just prior to flowering. Therefore, knowledge of the pest to be controlled/sprayed is necessary. Many herbicides require a certain amount of leaf material or foliage before spraying because that is where absorption primarily occurs. All herbicides have product labels that contain instructions regarding"tank-mixing" with other products. Utilization of adjuvants/surfactants help in many ways such as decreasing surface tension of droplets and decreasing potential for drift. Label for clethodim indicates a post-emergent application of broadleaf herbicide should not be applied with 1 day following application of clethodim.

I appreciate your answer, and in a perfect world I'm sure it is right. But, we live 6 hours away from our plots. We can't get there all that often, so many times we have to do what we can, regardless, of the size/growth of the vegetation. It's not normally feasible for us to spray annuals separate from perennials.
I had several questions about bush-hogging timing, which, if you don't mind, would you address?
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