Fruit trees

Asked August 16, 2016, 10:57 AM EDT

I live in Sussex County Delaware. We would like to plant some fruit trees in our yard and would like some recommendations. We already have 2 pear trees. Are there certain types of apple, peach. or cherry trees that would do well in S. DE?

Sussex County Delaware

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Although appealing to grow your own fruit, it is difficult to do so in our coastal climate in Delaware, with high humidity, fluctuating temperatures, and some wind and salt from the ocean.

Fruit trees must be pruned and watered depending on environmental conditions. Fruit trees must also be sprayed for insect pests and disease. Most fungicides are preventative, that is they must be sprayed at the very first onset of disease or at the normal time of year for fungal spores and bacteria to invade. Fungicides and bacteriocides will not cure plant diseases. Old fruit must be removed to reduce fungi that may survive in them over the winter.

We developed a fact sheet for home gardeners, with some resistant cultivars of apple, pear and stone fruits that have proven to grow well in our area. The fact sheet also explains a very minimal spray schedule to follow if you hope to get disease and insect free fruit. The fact sheet is found at:

Good luck with your gardening and than you for contacting Cooperative Extension,