Need list of crops that remove toxic waste

Asked August 16, 2016, 10:33 AM EDT

We live in the farm belt (Tennessee) and whomever lived on our property (2 acres) before us, apparently used every chemical known to man. We also have a "road" going through, about 1-3 inches under the ground. We'd like a list of plants we could use to help draw the toxins out. Yes, I know it'd take years, but we're willing to wait, and do what ever it takes. So far we've been growing dandelions (long tap roots) on top of the road, and have planted lots of sunflowers (for the lead) and spider plants (for arsenic) and 3 kinds of clover. A list of other plants would be helpful. Thanks.

Franklin County Tennessee

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Here is a list of hyperacculators that you can use.

Have you had the soil tested? Remember that there are natural levels of some metals in the ground and pesticides will break down over time. If your soil has higher levels of metals, I would recommend a raised bed for any gardens. If you have high levels of metals, it may take more than a lifetime to extract them with plants.