So Fla sod issue

Asked August 16, 2016, 8:43 AM EDT

I laid sod in my back yard last February. Sprinkler system works well. About 75% of the sod died. The soil seems overly moist. My front yard is thriving. My back yard is becoming a mud pit. Both have almost identical sun and shading. My landscaper thinks it's a fungus. I had it treated last week. I see no improvement. Wait longer or is there another issue?

Broward County Florida

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When you wet conditions develop in any yard it usually has to do with air flow problem. In other words air movement is needed is dry the excess waters from the sprinkler system. Try turning off that zone that covers the back yard and letting it dry out before sodding again. I really don't believe a fungus is involved here. If you feel you have to back to me provide a little more info with more pictures supporting another option. Thanks for using the Ask an Expert System.