Round Up & reseeding grass

Asked August 15, 2016, 2:11 PM EDT

My raspberries stopped producing a few years back, and I tried to rejuvinate by cutting them down to the ground to spur new growth. Didn't work. New it's overgrown and I sprayed the area with RoundUp and will seed with grass seed. I know RoundUp breaks down fast, can U reseed this fall?


3 Responses

Yes, fall is a good time to reseed an area. It is usually cooler but you will still need to keep it well watered. Here is a link to bit of info.

My main question was the use of .roundup today.

Yes it breaks down quickly and there is no reason not to seed the area. Follow the label recommendations for planting. I would consider waiting until the end of Aug. or 1st of Sept. to seed if you are in southern MN.