Questions about Chinkapin Oak tree problems

Asked August 15, 2016, 10:06 AM EDT

I'm hoping you can shed some light on some issues I am having with a young Chinkapin Oak tree. I purchased it from a nursery and planted it 2 years ago. I estimate it is about 5 years old. It started out good this year, but the leaves have browned on the edges, and a lot of the leaves on the lower limbs have fallen off. It is putting out some new leaves, but they are very small and don't seem to be growing very quickly. Also, I just noticed that several limbs have some bubbly looking stuff on the ends. I thought at first that maybe they were insect nests, but when I tried to remove them, I found that they seem to be part of the stem. Is this possibly some kind of gall? The biggest one is on the central leader. I don't know a lot about galls, but I do have a Shingle Oak that has a bunch of them. See attached pictures of the leaves and stem. I thought the browning of the leaves might be from the very wet weather we have had this summer. I would appreciate any information/ideas you might have, or any suggestions of anything I can do to help the tree out. Thank you, John Hundley 424 Murrays Run Road Bardstown, KY

Nelson County Kentucky

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It is a twig gall probably Gouty Oak Gall. You can get a better diagnosis by taking a branch with the growths to the County Extension Office to be sent to the lab for accurate identification.