Mystery Plants

Asked August 14, 2016, 9:45 PM EDT

I have a couple of mystery nuisance plants in my yard and garden that I hope someone can help me identify and give some ideas on how to eliminate them. The first picture is of a weed that completely overtakes my garden in a very short period of time when we are busy running kids around and not tending to weeds! The second picture is of plants that keep popping up around my yard especially this year because of the drought we are having and I haven't mowed my yard in weeks! Any help identifying them would be greatly appreciated.

Wayne County New York

1 Response

Left photo looks like Hairy galinsoga. This is an annual weed. Pull it before its seed ripens and falls so it does not build up a seed bank in your soil.

Right photo looks like a type of honeylocust. Keep the lawn mowed. Or cut at the base of the plant and apply a nonselective herbicde to the cut end with a paintbrush. Protect any desirable plants.