Planting dwarf fruit trees

Asked August 14, 2016, 3:02 PM EDT

I have about 1/10 acre in Wilmington. I'm looking to plant at least two dwarf fruit trees, if not 4 (2 cherry and two apple) on my property. I would love to have someone experienced help me decide where the best places are for said trees being that we live in Forest Brook Glen, there are already many trees around that shade the yard. I do want to keep some sunny spots to allow other food and plants to grow so I don't want to shade everything out, cause a problem with power lines, or plant too close to the two existing trees on the property.

New Castle County Delaware

1 Response

In order to be successful growing fruit trees, you will need a site with full sun. Semi-dwarf apple may be too tall for planting under electric lines but dwarf trees should be ok. Apple and peach do require a commitment to spraying for disease and insect prevention.Read the attached publication and look at the possibilities of growing small fruit as opposed to tree fruits. Check with your local Master Gardener coordinator for volunteers to provide a site visit.