Laurus nobilis dying

Asked August 14, 2016, 2:27 PM EDT

I saw your response to a question similar to mine this morning and thought you might help me. I purchased two laurel plants to grow out to collect bay leaves in a couple of years. They grew fine for three months but have begun to look dried out (like they were dying) lately. Any suggestions?

Lafayette Parish Louisiana

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Hello, it is really tough to make a good diagnosis based on that picture, which is not very close up and does not provide very much detail. Based on what I can tell about the pot size and your location, there is a good possibility that the plants are drying out too quickly/ too much between watering. If you can lift the plat out of the pot and there are lots of roots and little soil, or lots of roots going around the perimeter of the container, it would suggest my theory is correct. You probably need to provide it a home in a larger pot with a better water holding capacity. Feel free to submit additional pictures that are closer and show more detail if you would like me to take another look.
Thank you, Nicole