Asked August 14, 2016, 9:19 AM EDT

We planted an 8' Klondike Amur Cherry this year. Planted with top of root ball at soil level. Planed into mainly fresh soil on June 8th. Become a gorgeous tree with heavy leaves. Suddenly about 10 days ago or less it began loosing leaves. The leaves seem to bear the symptoms of that VERTICILLIUM I saw mentioned as they yellow and fall rapidly and have reddish coloured rough edges (as though an insect was eating the edges in a jagged manner). Not certain if I should spray the tree; fertilize the tree; or what to do. Gorgeous tree otherwise. Could send a picture if necessary. The tree is planted in a bed covered with landscape fabric and about an inch of black granite mulch. Does this tree require low, moderate, or a lot of water ? Thought maybe the watering could be an issue. We are in Winnipeg, Canada and have our winter home in Indio, Ca. Was recommended by a neighbour in California to contact your institution as he said you are the best !! Thanks so much in advance for your kind help. R. Gordon Kehler.

Outside United States

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. But yes some images would help: Some clear close-ups of the leaves at different stages as they yellow and die, as well as images of the whole tree in its context, and/or any other features that could be related. Transplanting such a large tree can be problematic... it causes a great deal of stress on the plant, making it more susceptible to problems. But this late in the season, leaf loss is not so catastrophic because they have nearly completed their season's work in producing food for the tree. Nevertheless, we might be able to narrow down what the problem is with some pictures.