Asked August 14, 2016, 8:34 AM EDT

We had tomato blight the last couple of years. This year we put potatoes in that spot in the garden and all the plants have blight. The tomatoes are actually in a new row outside the garden and they look great. Is there something we can treat the dirt with ?

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Tomatoes and potatoes are the same family which is why there is blight this year. There isn't anything you can treat the soil with. Blight is in the soil. You should try to plant something else there next year, like beans or carrots. When purchasing plants or seeds, look for those that are blight resistant. You will see rows of letters like VFFFNTSt indicating they are resistant to blight. Some of the seed catalogs have a page explaining what the various combinations mean. Also, tomatoes should have a mulch under the plant to prevent soil from splashing up.