Our Canadian ChokeCherry is Oozing Sap ?

Asked August 13, 2016, 7:10 PM EDT

Our 4 yr old Canadian Choke has started Oozing Sap, the leaves are Curling & Dropping. Have you any idea what might be the cause of this. It was Healthy earlier this Summer and the Three others planted at the same time seem fine. Please advise.

Kings County New York

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If you can provide some images someone may be able to help you narrow down potential problems. Some close-ups of the oozing bark and curling leaves, etc., as well as images of the tree and its context. If you have further details about changes in weather or other conditions, etc... that information can also help with answers.

Thank you for getting back to me I have attached 3 pictures

Gummosis (the fancy word for "oozing sap") in fruit trees is a symptom... but like a cough in people, it can have many causes. Clearly the tree is highly stressed (the severely wilting leaves). My suspicions would be some kind of insect that is boring under the bark... causing the tree to "bleed" where the bark is broken. Take a close look around the sap areas... do you see small entry holes or other evidence of insects? Since it is so badly damaged, try to gently lift some of the peeling bark to see what's going on in the tissue beneath. It is likely someone local will need to make a definitive diagnosis, since there are many possible causes.