vine training

Asked August 13, 2016, 7:09 PM EDT

I have both garden and Lima pole beans on a hefty 5' 6" trellis. Some of the vines are advanced and intertwined while others are still developing. The top bar of the trellis can support all the vines but I seem to recall from decades ago that a Lima bean grower who I assisted, began at some point breaking the growing tip from some of the vines. He justified it to me at the time but I cannot recall his reasoning. Is this a good practice? What's the value, more beans, fewer, stronger vines?

Carroll County Maryland

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When the vine is pruned at the growing tip this promotes lateral growth and increases production. Also, if some of the lower leaves are pruned this can also promote bud initiation. If your vines are healthy, you have time to experiment. Let half go and experiment with the rest.