Ball python has escaped

Asked August 13, 2016, 5:47 PM EDT

Hello my ball python escaped roughly 2 months ago now and I have done ovius things eg flour around house food in different parts of house still had now look and getting worried now for him and his health any suggestions would be much appreciated ow yeah he was born in March 2015

Outside United States

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Thank you for your question. I'm sorry to hear about your snake. I did not get any information regarding your location with your question. It just says outside the United States. If it's been two months since your snake escaped, and you haven't seen any sign of him, then I wouldn't hold out too much hope for seeing him again. That's not to say he won't ever show up, but if he's been gone that long, he's either escaped to the outside or he may be living inside the walls of your home, or, if you live in a large apartment building, the walls of the apartment building. If there is a local rodent population in the area, he may be preying on them for food.

Your snake may be able to survive on his own depending on the severity of your winters, and whether or not he has access to an environment where he can stay warm.

I'm sorry I can't provide any additional information. I hope he turns up. Thank you for using Ask an Expert.