Do i have springtails?

Asked August 13, 2016, 1:26 PM EDT

Hi guys! Iam so frustrated! My boyfriemd recently moved into a new room.i slept over for the first time ....i noticed a a small black bug that hoped right off of me! The 2nd day i noticed them alot more....throughout the day and night. I went to the br & i noticed 2 on my foot. My little one has a tub ....i got to take a good look at them because there were small ones in the tub. They look like springtails. They say springtails do not bite but i have bites! What to do....cant afford to buy anything at the moment!

Cook County Illinois

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Without seeing samples of what you have I cannot tell you if they are springtails. You can put out glue boards and then take them to your local Extension office for identification.

If they say they are springtails, then reduce the moisture in the area with regulating the A/C or a dehumidifier and they should die out (they require moisture to survive).