rabbits in my yard

Asked August 13, 2016, 11:00 AM EDT

Thank you for all your help on my crab grass problem but now that i have my lawn looking good i have a rabbit problem. They are digging up my yard as i now have five different holes i have had to fill up and reseed. They are digging right in the middle of my front and back yard which are both under lights. I had just filled up one hole and just the other night i looked out and another rabbit was digging right next to it. It was very late at night under the street light. Is their anything i can put in the grass to keep them away? I was told by others to shoot them with a pellet gun but i really do not want to do that. Any ideas? Thanks

Ramsey County Minnesota nuisance wildlife rabbit damage

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Thank you for the question. We do sympathize with you as many of us have our own battles with rabbits but there is no easy way to deter them except fencing them out and even then, as you well know, they can dig under it! There is no product that we know of that you can apply to your lawn that will absolutely repel rabbits but you could try spraying something like Liquid Fence, a very smelly rotten egg solution according to package directions and that might help. I have had good luck with it personally. It does smell very bad when first sprayed but the odor quickly dissipates. You do need to reapply. Read what the Minnesota DNR says about nuisance rabbits. You are allowed to trap them and dispose of them in a humane way:

We are not firearms experts and encourage you to find out if a pellet gun is legal in your county should you reconsider that route.

Thank you for contacting Extension.