How do I prune my new cherry tree

Asked August 13, 2016, 10:00 AM EDT

I purchased a young tree from a local nursery this Spring. It has easily grown 2 feet straight up. I seem to find great in formation on how to cut the limbs, but not on how to cut the top shoot. Should I cut it back to where it was when we bought it? Should I just cut it a bit? Do I cut it at an angle? Help!

Polk County Oregon

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I provided the URL below for the OSU Extension Publication PNW 400, Training and pruning your home orchard. What you might want to do is insert a spacer between your two new upright shoots to spread them out so they are not as vertical. You could shorten them now or wait until budbreak in spring. It is still a very young tree so leaving the growth on for now to support establishment of the tree might be best. Feel free to contact me at the email address below, I am in the Polk County extension office as well.