Tiny bugs on deck and on us!

Asked August 13, 2016, 9:29 AM EDT

These barely visible bugs are all over our deck. They look grayish on our skin but dark brown on a white surface and not visible at all on the wood deck. Every time we (or the dog) goes out there, they crawl all over us! We can't even go onto our deck without them catching us. They are not biting, just annoying...what are they and how can we get rid of them? Sorry for the picture they are very hard to capture in a picture and with the naked eye, and I can't tell how many legs there are but there seems to be two longer antenna like things on the front. I'm thinking some kind of mite. We have 2 birds nests under the deck but these bugs are not biting...

Clay County Missouri

1 Response

Not sure what they are, mites, seed ticks are possibilities. I would use a premise spray with permithrin. Be sure to follow the label. Call at 417-448-2560 if you have questions.