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Asked August 12, 2016, 3:14 PM EDT

I have developed a small property in Helvetia (near Hillsboro). We have 2 acres of fenced fir and cedar forest which has been thinned last year (no replanting required per local forestry rep), plus 2 fenced pastures (1 acre and .5 acre). I brought my 2 horses home just about 4 weeks ago. They have pretty well grazed down what was there. I had scattered some pasture blend and rye last fall. Both horses have carbohydrate limitations. My question is whether I need to till and replant or fertilize and overseed and with what and when. Do I need soil analysis at this point? Should I use the same seed in the forested area? I could easily send photos, but don't have any on this computer. Thanks, Jill Russell

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Your questions require a little more detail than a simple email. Give me a call at 503-931-5163