non native spider?

Asked August 12, 2016, 3:06 PM EDT

Is there an expert out there who can tell me what kind of spider this is I looked up the spiders in Oregon buts it's not one of them

Marion County Oregon spiders spider identification

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Thank you for attaching an image with your inquiry. Unfortunately, the image lacks sufficient detail to provide an answer.

Beyond that, it’s worth knowing two things. First, the website you viewed displays a very limited number of spiders. And second, many non-native spiders have been in Oregon. For many years.

Even so, I can say, with confidence, it is not a hobo spider or a black widow.

If you were able to catch the spider, you could take it to the Marion County Extension Service office where the Master Gardeners can look at it firsthand. Phone 503-588-5301 before you go to determine when the Master Gardeners will be available. The office home page is at Notice that the office moved during the past year.