Diagnosing Norway pine problem

Asked August 12, 2016, 12:29 PM EDT

I have a Norway PIne planted in June of this year which looks like it has a beetle infestation. There are small holes around the base of the trunk leaving small trailings of a white substance on the ground. The leader is dying and many branches and new growth are dying/yellowing. It looked very healthy when planted but noticed this change in the past several weeks. Is this a case of pine bark beetle and if so, do you recommend removing the tree? The tree is under warranty for one year. It was classed as an 8' tree by the landscape company so was a large planting. We have been careful not to over or under water the trees this summer. We had six large pines planted in all: 2 Norway pines, 3 spruce and a cedar. Two of the spruce are not looking very good and the cedar is definitely dying. My main concern is about infestation of pine bark beetle and if that would spread to other pines on our property in Stillwater. We live next to a ravine with many pines in it.

Washington County Minnesota

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I definitely think you should have the provider come out. It does indeed sound like a borer problem. In fact, if all the plantings are dying, you need to take a look at how they were planted and what the soil is like in that area. It could be you have clay and without the planting hole being amended, your evergreens simply cannot get established. This is a lot of trees with problems and there has to be something wrong.