My 5 year old

Asked August 12, 2016, 11:15 AM EDT

Is there an club that is for the younger kids that want to show, we have an 4H but most be 8 or 3rd grade to join.

McLennan County Texas

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This is a common question. There seems to be some confusion regarding Clover Kids and their involvement in the Texas 4-H Program. It is critically important from a safety standpoint that we do not ignore the guidelines outlined in the 4-H Management Guide. Specific items to highlight from the guide are below:

- The 4-H program serves youth 9 years of age (or 8 years of age and in the 3rd grade) to 19.

- As an affiliated group, youth enrolled as 4-H Clover Kids have activities and programs suitable for their age group. Clover Kids are not eligible to participate in activities, recognition programs, and competitive events reserved for older youth. Competitive events and competitive judging are inappropriate for Clover Kids.

- Clover Kids may have animal projects; however, animal projects should not exceed a rabbit in size. Most standard 4-H accident insurance normally is not available for youth under 6 years of age or those 6 to 8 years old with animal projects larger than rabbits in size.

- 4-H(under Extension and with County Extension Agents) and FFA (with schools) are the only affiliated groups/entities that offer guidance/support/direction with the youth livestock projects. You are correct that youth must be 8 and in the 3rd grade or 9 years old to actively participate in competitions. Some FFA chapters do offer Jr FFA to kids but they to must be the minimum age of 8 and in the 3rd grade or 9 years old.

- Youth under the age of 8 can join 4-H as a clover kid and have livestock projects but they would not be allowed to show in major livestock shows, McLennan County Junior livestock show and most jackpots. There are a few jackpot shows that have a pee-wee division/class that is usually one class where the kids can show their animal one time. Clover kids are not allowed to "compete." They can attend educational programs, clinics, club meeting, etc but there are limitation on the competitive end.

TJLA, and different specie breed associations sometimes allow younger kids to participate. ie like the mini hereford cattle, etc.