giant white bird of paradise leaves don't unfurl

Asked August 11, 2016, 5:45 PM EDT

The plant appears healthy and has done well for three years. Now the leaves grow but do not unfurl. They are definitely leaves, and nothing seems to bind them. This has happened to several stalks. They have plenty of soil, get sufficient water and get appropriate sunlight, from what I have read. Your suggestions, please?

Cobb County Georgia

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It is very difficult to get bird of paradise to bloom in a house. Perhaps you could give it more light. It also takes a long time to get one to bloom. See the following link for guidelines on how to grow one. Too much fertilizer can keep them from blooming. vw

This is not about blooming. The leaves are not unfurling and the stalks remain furled indefinitely. Nothing is binding them.

Can you offer any other insights? Your help is appreciated.

BTW, the older leaves are continuing to cycle out over time. If nothing changes, the plants will only consist of unfurled stalks.

Susan Zoller

Again, thanks.

You have us stumped this time. The only environmental factor we can think of is inappropriate light.
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