Cantaloupe browning

Asked August 11, 2016, 4:42 PM EDT

Hi, attached are a couple pictures of my cantaloupe plants that do not look to be going well. What is up with them? FYI I have recently lost cucumber, zucchini, and squash plants to powdery mildew. I also spotted very few small cucumber beetles around new cucumber plants I have just planted in replacement.

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Your melons appear to have fungal issues, not uncommon in our area. If you do nothing they may still be fine and ripen though it will likely shorten the life of the plants and they may not be as productive. You could spray with a fungicide. Make sure you are only watering in the mornings. You do not want the leaves damp overnight - if possible. And watering once or twice a week should be enough. Also if they are in any shade this will also promote fungus.

Thanks for your responses Derek.