Choosing a good tree

Asked August 11, 2016, 4:36 PM EDT

Hello! We recently had to take down a very large ash tree in our yard, and we are missing the shade that it provided in our back yard. I'm trying to find a replacement, something that would grow quickly. I'm also curious to know I wanted to know if we have the stump ground, can I plant something in that exact spot? It was a approximately 30 inches in diameter. Our back yard is facing north, and it was on the west side yard, near our neighbor's fence. It was next to a fir tree, and the site is now sunny. Thank you so much! Katherine

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Choosing a tree can be fun and stressful. So much hope packed into the package. If a tree that grows large is planted next to a fir tree it will shade out some of the fir tree and the branches on the shaded side will die.
Unless the stump is completely ground out planting a tree in the same spot is not recommended until enough time for the stump to rot has passed.