How much soil/top soil is needed for grass

Asked August 11, 2016, 9:50 AM EDT

Hello! I have a gravel bed I would like to convert back into a bed/lawn of grass. If I choose to not remove the gravel, how many inches of soil will I need to place over the gravel to sustain grass from seed?

Bucks County Pennsylvania

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You can make grass grow in the gravel if you give it enough fertilizer and water, but that certainly would be a long road to a nice lawn. I say that because you can use a minimum of 4 inches of top soil and grow grass from seed, but know that during the heat of the summer it will go dormant quickly because it will be dry quickly. I would recommend a min of 6 inches and ideally 8 inches for easy lawn transition.


Thanks Jeff!

I have a contractor claiming I only need 1.5 inches. What will happen with only 1.5 inches of soil?

Grass will grow in 1.5 inches of topsoil, but the minute it gets dry or hot and there is not root system to support the plant it will die. Roots don't grow well in gravel unless you irrigate and constantly water.