Help - I have no idea about what is a weed and other problems

Asked August 11, 2016, 7:52 AM EDT

Hi - I iist moved into a new house with a garden and I am completely lost. I can't tell what is a weed or not so I took some photos to upload. Please help. Also my daisy-like flowers are dying and the tomato plants have spots. Help!

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Photo #1 seems to have a large plant in the brassica (cabbage and mustard) family, maybe kale or collards. Most don't make it through the heat of Maryland summer. See if you can id it from the taste. The medium-sized plant looks like cucumber. The smallest looks like a kind of melon. Let them all grow and see what you get.

Photo #2: Shrub on the right is boxwood. Tall shrub on left is a juniper. Greenery in the center is left from lilies which grow from bulbs. Flowering perennials and bulbs generally have a defined blooming period and after that they do not have flowers, just leaves (foliage).
The white flower on the left looks like a hydrangea, which is a shrub, not a perennial. The black-eyed Susans in the back look diseased. They may have Southern blight. Cut them to the ground and dispose of the diseased foliage off-site.

Photo #3: The white spots on the tomatoes look like leafhopper feeding. Don't worry about that. It's not enough to hurt the plant, and the new leaves look healthy.
However, the browning leaves probably have Early Blight, a fungal disease. Pull on the entire side branch that has those leaves and dispose off-site so that it doesn't spread by the spores.

There is a lot of information on Early blight on our website. Search using the website search box. Our Grow It Eat It section is loaded with veggie growing info for new gardeners. Read it over and you'll start getting a handle on this.