What kind of plant is this? I've looked online and can't identify it.

Asked August 10, 2016, 7:53 PM EDT

I am trying to identify this plant. Starting around early July it takes over my entire garden (especially if I fertilize). It isn't around in the spring or early summer. Today, Aug. 9th, it is about 3 ft tall. It looks like a grassy weed, but google searches turn up nothing. Please help!! The image I sent is actual size. The little pink buds at the end of the stem stay that way -- they never open up -- they just remain solid little "balls".

Montgomery County Maryland

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This is a summer annual broadleaved weed called Smartweed. Here is a page about it: https://plants.usda.gov/factsheet/pdf/fs_pope2.pdf

If you don't want it to continue, pull it out before it sets seeds.