Weigela pruning

Asked August 10, 2016, 5:18 PM EDT

When is the right time to prune or cut back my weigelas, and still have them bloom the following year? Last summer, I cut them back in late July, and they did not bloom this year. Secondly, could I cut them back using a chainsaw? I have a lot of bushes, and they are getting out of control already, only a year after pruning! Thanks!

Benton County Minnesota

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Weigela is a relative of the honeysuckle and it is a beautiful shrub However, if you do not keep it trimmed, it will out-grow the area, and look unkempt or wild. Pruning Weigela bushes at the right time of the year is important. If you trim them too early, or too late, you will not get as many flowers during the next growing season. The perfect time for pruning weigela bushes are when the flowers are just fading and starting to die, usually in early- to mid- summer.
Do not remove more than 30 % per year so that winter survival is not compromised. If the chain saw is very sharp it can be used. If it chews up the ends of the branches and created ragged tips using a hedge trimmer would be better. Ragged ends are more prone to bacterial and fungal infections.