Sunn hemp seed production

Asked August 10, 2016, 8:32 AM EDT

My question is this. How do I cultivate sunn hemp to produce seeds for replanting? I'm located in Paraguay. High fertility, well drained soils. High annual precipitation. Here's my plan, tell me if there are any obvious flaws. I'll seed 2.5ha sunn hemp (crotalaria juncea) 5kg/ha seeding rate in October right alongside 65ha soybeans. Then harvested in february following paraquat burndown. These harvested crotalaria seeds will transfer directly from the combine to the grain drill and planted at 15kg/ha for a green manure which will be terminated with a roller crimper after 60 days.

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I have absolutely no background in this at all. I suggest that you contact Cheryl Kaiser at University of Kentucky, who has written on the subject. You should be able to web search for her contact information.