Is this a paper mulberry seedling?

Asked August 9, 2016, 1:59 PM EDT

Unknown seedling popped up in a plant bed.

Could it be paper mulberry?

If so, I'll pull that invasive exotic.

Or is there any chance it could be a desirable native Tennessee plant?

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2 Responses

This is definitely a mulberry, but it's difficult to tell from the photo whether it's paper, red or white mulberry. Below is a link to a publication that may be of help. Please note the length of the petiole or "leaf stalk" of the paper mulberry on page 5 in contrast to the petioles of the red or white. If you determine that it's not a paper mulberry, the table on page 6 should help with determining if it's red or white.

Thanks for your response, Phil.

Sadly, I suspect that what I have here is the paper mulberry, but I'll print out the guide you suggested and take it out to compare with my volunteer plant.

(Oh how I wish it were a female red mulberry!)