planting mature lime tree at this time of year

Asked August 9, 2016, 1:09 PM EDT

A neighbor has given me two mature lime trees. I put them in water last evening until I could contact your office. My question: what are chances these trees will survive? How should I plant them? Water in the hole I dig, good soil and what kind of food? I so hope they will survive. Email reply is great and I am sorry to say that time is so important as the roots are exposed at this time. Thank you for your assistance,

Lynn Megules

Brazoria County Texas

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I couldn't say about the chances, but I would recommend planting them in separate pots with good quality potting soil, and then waiting to plant them this upcoming spring. If you put them in the ground now, it's really hot and it will lessen their chances of survival.
When you plant them in the ground, do not add any additional soil. Use the soil that you dug out of the hole, and then put it back in with the tree. Do not add any soil from a different source. This kills trees because it can form a water well that they are planted in. If you feel that you must add something to the soil, you can mix in some compost, but do not make it more than 25% of the total soil taken from the soil. Water after you plant, but do not water daily or every other day. Water only when dry. Fertilize with citrus fertilizer to get quick growth. Make sure that you plant your limes someplace that is a little sheltered, because limes are the least cold hardy of all the citrus.