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Asked August 9, 2016, 9:33 AM EDT

We have a big lawn with a wooden fence. I am looking for a plant to ring the fence area. Ideally it would be something that could be grown by seed (maybe planted this fall) and is at least 12 feet high. Almost all the area gets full sun. Any suggestions?

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We would like to have a little more information. Did you want a plant that grows to 12 inches high or 12 feet high? Do you want a shrub? a tree? an evergreen plant? Most plants that grow from seed to 12 feet would take a long time to do so. If you want a 12' plant, you would be better served by purchasing a young plant and nurturing it. What do you envision as the final outcome?

Sorry for not being clear. Just 12 to 24 inches is what I had in mind. I envision a border that is about 1.5 feet high and 1.5 feet wide. Attached is photo of the back yard is attached. It is pretty big and getting enough plants to cover that area would be quite expensive which is why I was thinking seeds might be the way to go. No need for evergreen but that would be nice. I was thinking of planting mint, grows fast looks good but other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Whoa! Mint smells good, but it doesn't look very good much of the time, is very invasive and can become unmanageable.

You are very lucky to have a clear backyard to start with. You can do anything! We suggest that you start by thinking about how you want to use the space--games/sports? vegetables/fruit? relaxing? entertaining? Do you need shade? A place for garbage/recycle cans? Then sketch a simple map, putting in where you would do each thing. Then plan your landscape around your activities.

If you're on a limited budget, that's fine. If you want a tree/trees, that would be the best place to start and invest money because trees take the longest time to get established.

Read through this landscaping help from our website which should give you some ideas: