Questions about eggplant, tomatoes, brocolli, strawberries

Asked August 9, 2016, 8:20 AM EDT

Hello. Eggplant: I have 1 eggplant plant that is flowering but flowers not turning to eggplants. I added fertilizer and leafgrow. So sad to have flowers but not eggplants! What do you think? Tomatoes: I have 4 plants, leaves truning yellow, especially one of them. They have some fruit and flowers but how to stop the yellowing? Brocoli: I now learned that it is a cool weather crop. I did not know ( novice gardener). They were planted late may, had small flowers. Now thet have lots of green leaves. Should I prune for growth in ├║pcoming fall season? Or do they just continue growing? If pruning needed, how and when best to do? Strawberries: Planted 4 plants, they look good to my untrained eye. I did not harvest so they can establish. Should I prune
back at some point? Or just mulch with straw overwinter? Should I fertilize still?

Montgomery County Maryland

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As you are discovering, gardening is a continual learning experience. Do not despair, you are in good company.
Tomatoes. Your tomato plants are suffering from a very common fungal disease commonly known as 'early blight'. It is important that you remove affected leaves as soon as you observe them. The dark spots surrounded by yellowing are spores, and they will spread to other parts of the plant when it rains or if you water from above. Review the following publication:
Strawberries. The following page from our website should be helpful:
As for your eggplant: Two things. Your plant is very healthy, but perhaps too healthy. Over fertilization, especially nitrogen fertilizer will result in excess foliage and little fruit production.
Generally, nitrogen promotes healthy foliage, phosphorus encourages root, flower, and fruit production, and potassium encourages overall plant health.
There are two times that fertilization is important, at the time of planting and again a light side dressing when the flowers begin to form. You might also consider using a 5-10-5 fertilizer.
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