Native plantings for river bluff

Asked August 8, 2016, 3:26 PM EDT

in front of my residence is a section of river bluff facing NNW roughly near the Minnesota-Mississippi confluence. A substantial area has had the vegetation, mainly buckthorn and other invasives removed. I am looking for suggestions and sources for appropriate natives to revegetate the area. Thank you.

Dakota County Minnesota

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The Minnesota DNR has a great reference for shoreland planting with Minnesota natives. Check out the link "Plant Guide." The plants are listed in the "Native Plant Encyclopedia." "Shore" includes elevated areas not just next to the water.

It sounds like you have sun. Be sure to check soil type, moisture content, slope incline, runoff during rain. These will help you choose plants with root systems that will keep the bluff intact. Check out the native grasses. Big bluestem, little bluestem, the gramas, indian grass. All have deep roots. Shrubs red stemmed dogwood and chokeberry have thrived for us on bluffs. There are many other native shrubs listed in the DNR guide that would do well. Not sure how you want it to appear but forbs such as rudbeckia, heliopsis, the milkweeds and native asters will add color plus provide food for butterflies.

Congrats on restoring your bluff! It is exciting to think about the outcome.