How common is Fireblight in our area?

Asked August 8, 2016, 2:59 PM EDT

How common is fireblight in apples in our area? We are replanting an orchard-- what kind of tips do you have to help avoid conditions that can lead to fireblight spreading easily? If we have several late-blooming varieties, should we plant them all together, to keep FB confined to one area, or is it better to weave in some early bloomers with the late bloomers? Thank you!

Rock County Minnesota

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It is not uncommon. It is a good idea to plant resistant varieties if possible. The disease is caused by bacteria that live in the plant tissue and is transferred by insects. Here is a link that explains the disease and what to do about it. . I don't think you would be likely to prevent spread by spacing. Here is a link to lots of good info about growing apples that you may find helpful.