Designing a perennial border

Asked August 8, 2016, 1:02 PM EDT

I would like to make a perennial border around our vegetable garden (deer) fence. I have many perennials already and would like to use them; but I need some idea on how to best arrange them for the best overall effect. This garden would face North-Northeast and would be in some shade when the beans grow on the fence. Thanks for your help.

Winona County Minnesota

1 Response

A border garden has one side against a structure (your fence) and is viewed from the front, so tall plants should be placed in the back, medium plants in the middle and shortest plants in front. One feature of a well-designed perennial border is unity, which you create with repetition of plants rather than a scattering of assorted plants. You can create repetition by repeating certain varieties of plants, colors, or textures. You achieve unity when three similar elements are grouped together. Plants used in groups of three, five, or seven are aesthetically more pleasing than even numbered groups of plants. Place the plants in drifts to give the garden a natural flowing effect. Not knowing what perennials you already have, in general, many perennials do just fine in light shade.