Spiders on my plants!

Asked August 8, 2016, 9:53 AM EDT

All of my balcony plants have diminished steadily since planting in May. I find spider's webs, and very little repeat blooms. Straggling, struggling, sad. Tried several natural fixes, which make things worse.

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Thank you for your question, but I will need more information. So on a terrace you are probably planting in containers. What dimension are the containers? What kind of plants are you growing? How much sun do you get in hours daily? What floor are you on? Spider webs, hopefully not mites, are helpful by catching more problem insects. Regular spiders don’t eat the leaves and flowers. What natural fixes did you use? Watering containers frequently is needed as they dry quicker than in ground, maybe daily in high summer. Preparing the soil is important to grow healthy plants, by adding compost, and organic fertilizer. Also, a diversity of plants makes all the difference, bringing beneficial insect to control bad ones.