My palour palm has got 3 branches of seeds, I want to grow.

Asked August 6, 2016, 9:53 PM EDT

How do you tell when the seed is mature, When do I cut it off the parent plant? How do I plant the seed to grow. please.

Outside United States

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Hello, please let us know where this palour palm is located. If it is outside of the US - what country? If it is inside the US, what state and county? This way it will be easier for us to diagnose the problem and assign the question to the best expert.

This palm is a indoor houseplant. It is in New Zealand. It has one stem, and is healthy.

It is in New Zealand and is a houseplant and healthy. I put another photo on

When the seeds are "ripe," they will begin to shed: The slightest movement of the plant will cause the seeds to drop.. when that starts to happen you know they're ready. Collect them at that point (put a small saucer under the branch or very carefully snip it off and shake the seeds into a container...). I couldn't find information on whether these will be viable: some plants can produce viable seeds from just one plant, while others need to cross-pollinate. But it's worth trying to seed these. Several seed house retail parlour palm seeds and note they need moist (not wet) planting mix, kept warm, and that germination is erratic and can take up to several months... so be patient.