How do I rid myself of gnats?

Asked August 6, 2016, 9:06 PM EDT

I have over 12 houseplants. About a year ago I got some bad soil & developed gnats in 2 plants. I immediately slowed my watering, the plants could withstand it. Then the gnats spread to every plant. About 2 months ago I decided I had enough. I repotted all the plants. I did so in blazing sun, new soil, washed the roots & the pots. At first it was all good. A month ago I realized they were back. I only water sparingly from the bottom when the plants wilt or look thirsty & use sticky strips and they are still full of gnats. I really don't want to throw them all away. I've even sat out apple cider vinegar & cups of Coke. I cannot get rid of them. I live in a second story apartment with no balcony & these gnats are driving me crazy. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for your time.

Jefferson County Kentucky

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You may be referring to fungus gnats. The larvae breed in moist soil rich in organic matter, primarily in potted plants. They feed on the fungi in the soil. Overwatering contributes to the growth of the fungi. Allow the top several inches of soil in your containers dry before watering again. Also, do not allow the pot to stand in water or for water to accumulate in pot saucers. See our website for more information