Meyer Lemon Malady

Asked August 6, 2016, 2:08 PM EDT

I have two Meyer lemon bushes in my back yard. One is about 5 years old the other 4. I normally enjoy very large fruit. Most are about the size of my fist and packed with juice. This year they are falling off the tree prematurely and have imperfections I haven't seen before. I've attached some pictures and would appreciate finding out how to solve this problem. Many thanks!

Orange County Florida

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The middle picture appears to have a severe case of rust. The others appear to have some sort of injury. Maybe an insect of something else that would damage the skin and cause it to become prematurely yellow.

The rust will not harm the fruit, but it will reduce its size and make the skin hard.

It does not look as if all the fruit is affected.

Thanks for the input. What can I do to prevent the rust on uneffected fruit as well as in the future? Also, the premature yellowing is also accompanied by smallish size. What can I do to prevent this? The yield up to this point has always been huge, fist sized lemons. I've juiced most all that have been harvested so far, and the juice seems okay.

I am not sure of the identity of your problem. We rarely grow lemons in Kentucky, however I have attached a link to the UF Extension information covering citrus pest problems,
I would recommend you contact your County Cooperative Extension Service office where you can take samples and pictures to get an accurate answer.
They have many services to help you solve your problem.
Have a great day.

Michael B., Thanks for the advice!