Dying Peach Trees

Asked August 5, 2016, 8:08 PM EDT

How do I save my peach trees? First I believed the problem was brown rot as all my peaches became little shriveled mummies. Then I believed that it was suffering twig blight as all of the small branches became molted in color with green and brown. Then I believed it had bacterial blight because the leaves started having brown spots and turning yellow the falling off. Now I believe is has bacterial cankers because it started oozing Amber sap all over. So please help! What is the matter with my peach trees? Do they have any of these? Or all of these? And most importantly, how do I save them?

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Many of the symptoms you are describing are symptomatic of Brown Rot. Though your trees could be affected by multiple diseases, as you have noted. Unfortunately,when it comes to fruit tree diseases, once they have infected, they will always be a problem. The saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is very true of fruit trees.

You can attempt to do battle by pruning out limbs and twigs that have cankers. You can also consider fungicide sprays in the spring-Spraying fungicides now will not be effective.

Touch base with your local extension office for specific fungicide recommendations for your state:http://extension.psu.edu/bucks .