Kiwi sexes

Asked August 5, 2016, 5:32 PM EDT

If I germinated kiwi seeds from maybe 2 kiwi's, what are may chances of having different sex plants. They are going on 2yrs in pots.1 has taken off, the other is still short. Not vining yet. Also I have excess fish oil pills that I would like to feed.

Pasco County Florida

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Each kiwi seed you have a 50%-50% change of having have having a male or female plant. Kiwi needs a chill/dormancy period, we simply do not get this number of chill hours during the winter in central Florida. This factsheet has information on some fruit bearing plants than can be grown in central Florida

Fish oil pills are not the same as fish emulsion, so I would not recommend their use as a source of nutrients for your plants.