What type of gardenia plant do I have?

Asked August 5, 2016, 1:41 PM EDT

I purchased two gardenia plants from cottage farms. One plant died right away, which was replaced by cottage farms. But its completely different from the "Buttons" gardenia plant that I have. I have been trying to identify it for some time now and its getting very frustrating, please help.

Stanly County North Carolina plant identification horticulture

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I'm afraid that there are over 200 Gardenia varieties available within the span of dwarf, medium-sized, and large types. Have you contacted Cottage Farms to ask what variety was given as the replacement? If they look at the picture they may be able to narrow it down, given the known varieties they carry. Maybe someone at the nursery would be willing to let you text the photo by phone so a special trip wouldn't have to be made. Otherwise it is very difficult to be sure, given the many varieties that exist.