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Asked August 5, 2016, 11:09 AM EDT

We moved into this home a year ago. Trees (Maple and Flowering Crab) were planted. Now they are all dead or dyeing. There is a sprinkler system which waters them every other day. I asked the builder about them, and she said, that "they have weed whip damage",which is causing serious damage.I looked at the trees and saw no damage. She said that the crab apple trees need to be treated twice a month because of our weather. She also said that a lot of what we are experiencing is "not enough care and that they are new in the ground". I have no idea what she is talking about. Could you please tell me what may be killing (or have killed) these trees?. Thanks for your help and I await your reply. Thanks again. Pat. Maxey 763-567-8049

Anoka County Minnesota crab apple trees

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We agree that the "information" you have been given isn't very useful.

"Not enough care" suggests that the trees may not have been planted correctly. The following website explains how to plant a tree and care for it to maximize its chances of survival.

"Weed whip damage" probably means that someone carelessly cut into the bark at the trees' base while removing nearby weeds. Mulch is usually spread around the trunks of newly planted trees to prevent weeds and eliminate potential damage from weed whips and/or lawn mowers.

"New in the ground" might mean that the trees are suffering from transplant shock.
Go here to learn about transplant shock and what can be done to reduce its effects.

We don't know what the builder meant by saying the trees needed to be "treated twice a month." If the trees are already dead or dying, it's too late for that whatever the intended purpose of the treatments may have been.

Theoretically, whoever was responsible for planting and caring for the trees should replace them and do it properly the second time.