Clump-type bamboo

Asked August 5, 2016, 11:03 AM EDT

I am new to MD, and have a lot in which the previous owners planted bamboo for screening/privacy. Now, it looks like there are thousands of bamboo "seedlings" in my yard. Mowing controls them, but I don't really want a 100% bamboo yard. If I use a non-selective herbicide, what is the best time to spray?? And, I have small children and pets which also use the yard. Thank you in advance!!

Howard County Maryland

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As soon as you cut off a baby bamboo plant, paint the cut surface with glyphosate (active ingredient in RoundUp and other herbicides). Herbicides work best in the fall. With bamboo, you are better off applying the glyphosate to cut surfaces whenever you see them rather than waiting until the fall. Wait until the glyphosate is dry before letting kids and pets into the yard. vw