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Asked August 4, 2016, 7:02 PM EDT

I noticed that Iowa State had a list by county of the average price of pasture rentals on the internet. Do you have a similar service? I have almost one acre of land just outside Roseburg, Oregon that I want to rent out as either pasture or nursery or crop land. Do you have any idea what a fair price to charge would be? Do you have suggestions for how to advertise that the land is available to rent?

Douglas County Oregon pastures and forages

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I do not have updated pasture rental rates, especially for such a small area as your 1 acre site. This would be too small to be used for pasture by commercial livestock producers.

You might be able to fix it up for rent as a horse pasture or for a different crop other than hay or pasture. For information on these, please contact the OSU Small Farms agent in Douglas County, Sara Runkel. or 541-672-4461.