Who is this bat in our neighborhood?

Asked August 4, 2016, 4:57 PM EDT

We would love to learn more about this bat who lives in our neighborhood. We are in the the Damonte Ranch Foothills. Can you tell me what kind it is and anything about it? I will research him as much as I can and share in our newsletter when we know more about him! Thank you very much.
Tricia Vaillancourt

Washoe County Nevada human-wildlife issues bats

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HI Tricia, I really can't tell from this image what bat you have however, here are a couple of resources that might be able to help. While this first
link is for schools, it does have some good info and images.

for all things bats, this is my go to resource

finally, if these don't help, reach out to your state department of wildlife - they will know what bats are known for your area.