Mass planting for edge of woods

Asked August 4, 2016, 8:55 AM EDT

I am looking for flowering shrub options to plant along my lawn where it meets the wooded area behind my house. It is a long bed running about 30 yards. The area is wet as it sits at the bottom of a slight hill. It gets morning sun, then shade most of the day from the shadow of the house and then sun again in the late afternoon. Soil is excellent black dirt. I was thinking of hydrangeas, but without the protection of the house, I am not sure what kind of hydrangea would do best. I would rather stay away from lilacs unless it is a dwarf form.

Dakota County Minnesota

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Hydrangeas do not like wet soil and most need full sun. Lilacs, likewise, need the same conditions. Please visit the 'shrubs' area of this publication and take a look at those who would meet your specifications: